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    Rank Permissions for Olympus Bugged?

    On the day of the reset Dacon said that the permissions plugin was changed, so it could just be that he hasn't got round to readding some of the rank perks yet.
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    Olympus Season 2 - Opinions?

    I stopped playing a few months back since I started getting bored and didn't really have much else to do, so I'm glad to see that there is going to be a reset. I'm excited to start the grind again, and I hope to see some old friends come back too!
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    Hola Guys!

    Ah, well I mainly play on Olympus and Parkour so I'll hopefully see you around on those :) (also, liking the Gengar avatar ;))
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    Hola Guys!

    Ayy, I'm also from Scotland! Which servers do you play or plan on playing here? I hope to see you around :)
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    Shift's Introduction

    Welcome! Nice introduction - you actually seem really similar to me :D I'm also 19, I spend most of my time on Olympus and Parkour, I just finished my first year at uni where I'm studying Maths, purple is also one of my favourite colours (I have an account called PurpleTurtle3000 - I know...
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    Accepted Manacube Zoo Parkour

    I really like the theme and the unique and varied jumps in the map. There are a few jumps that I found to be quite difficult, especially for Medium difficulty, though it could just be my lacklustre parkour skills :oops:. The jumps I struggled with most were: The jump at the start from the...
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    Olympus Prisons New Enchant Idea

    I had an idea similar to this, but there are a few things to consider: Would this enchant only work in mines or would it also apply to plots and the upcoming free world? You currently get 1 mana per block broken, meaning you can only have whole numbers of mana (i.e. no decimals). If non-whole...
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    Word Challenge!

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    Flight Rebirth (EDITED)

    I like it better than before, but I'm still not sure about the other requirements. The requirements for increased money and already completing a certain number of rebirth challenges aren't very original as they're already part of other rebirths (Hades & Zeus) so I personally think they should...
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    Flight Rebirth (EDITED)

    Maybe "fly x blocks with an elytra" or "fly x blocks with an elytra without landing"? It would probably be quite easy, but it's all I can think of just now.
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    Flight Rebirth (EDITED)

    I still think the requirements could be tweaked a bit to relate more to flight/air; perhaps something involving an elytra?
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    New Mana Spending Idea(s)

    To me, this seems like it would have the opposite effect to what you're suggesting. You want more uses for mana, but this will cause people to save up their mana instead of using it. I personally don't think this should be added. If my calculations are correct, it would cost 1,645,000 mana to...
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    You'll need to submit a formal application here if you'd like to be considered for staff...

    You'll need to submit a formal application here if you'd like to be considered for staff:
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    New gamemodes..

    If minigames are going to be used to gain players, they'd need to be new and unique. Adding minigames like these that are already done well by other servers most likely won't work to gain new players. If you check the monthly stats (, you'll see that the...
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    Word Challenge!

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    Suggestion - Mining Level Sell Multiplier

    There's currently not much use for mining level on Olympus besides the Hephaestus rebirth challenge, so something I thought of was an increased sell multiplier that you gain from increasing your mining level. I've had a few ideas for increments and frequencies, and I've based the following...
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    Suggestion - Ascension Chest

    With 6 million you could get from Farmer to Hoplite, which is 7 rankups. I think it's quite good, but it can obviously be changed if needed. Thanks for the feedback!