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New Homepage!
by Jns20, 3 days ago, 8 comments

I hope everyone likes our new homepage.

You can now see our forum announcements on the homepage.
You can also see Dacon, mine, and Dynsalir's 5 most recent Tweets on the homepage.
You can also view recent Updates to the servers and site.
You can also see a list of staff members (currently being updated)

If you find any bugs or glitches please report them to a staff member as soon as possible.

Also, feel free to reply to this thread with any feedback or suggestions.

Animated Image Contest
by Jns20, 2 weeks ago, 20 comments

For the chance to win Minevast store credit and become famous

As most of you don't know, I have been very busy working on a new website for Minevast.
I'd like to keep it under wraps until it's ready to be released, but I have come to the community for something.
Long story short, we are having a contest.

The contest is to create an animated background for the new site.
Here is a pretty good example (made by me) of what we're looking for:

Here are some more definite requirements:

Still animated .GIF - The picture should be still, but there should be a noticeable hint of animation (such as the lava in the example) - Could be water, trees, grass, animals.

1920 pixels x 350 pixels - Should be pretty self-explanatory.

Quality - The image shouldn't be dithered, it should be fairly high quality (considering it's 1920px x 350px) but should remain short and hopefully less than 5 megabytes.

Almost perfect loop - The image should loop to the point where it is almost unnoticeable (There is a little lag in the example, which is alright)

Minevast - The image should be of something on Minevast.

Default texture pack - We'd like to keep the images as uniform as possible, so please use the default texture pack.

Shaders highly encouraged - Again, we'd like to keep the images as uniform as possible, so please try to use SEUS Ultra (DOF or not doesn't matter)

Now you may be wondering if there's a prize.
We will be displaying your animated image on the homepage of our new site, and will be sure to credit you as well.
Also, the 5 banners that we use (or 3, depending how many good entries we get) will recieve a $10 coupon to use on our Buycraft page.
The deadline for the contest is August 27th.

If you're wondering what I used to make mine:
Fraps - For recording
Free Video to JPEG Converter - For converting the video into an image sequence
Photoshop CS6 - For creating the .GIF

If you are using Photoshop, some helpful tips:
Importing the images into Photoshop -
For showing the image timeline -
For turning image layers into timeline frames -
For reversing the frames (since they import in reverse) -
For cropping to 1920x350 -
For saving as GIF -

Survival Games
by Dacon, 3 weeks ago, 9 comments

Survival Games has finally been released! The release took a bit longer than said because we were working on final touches. To get to Survival Games you can either type /server sg or through the compass in the Hub. When you join, you will be given 2 Help books and some other gadgets. We recommend that you read the Help Books as they will give you a better Understanding of all the features, commands, and stages.

Some of the features includes Vast Crates, a custom plugin that drops loot crates from the sky every minute. A custom kill tracker, which displays your total kills beside your name on all SG servers, Feast events, over 85+ kits and more. ( All features and information displayed in the books ).

Leaderboards are currently in development and will be displayed on our website, and in-game on the signs. Although your stats are currently being recorded right now, so when we release the leaderboards, there wont be a reset.

Since we just released, there is bound to be bugs. We encourage you to report all bugs immediately :)
Some known bugs that are being fixed:
- The "SIDEBAR" title during Pre-Game

Have fun, and be respectful!
- Dacon
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The nether on Skyblock has reset!
3 new Skywars maps released!
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