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Spring Bundles by Dacon

New Spring bundles have been added to the store
These bundles will only be available for a limited time

- You will not receive duplicate rewards in one bundle
- If you open multiple bundles, you will not receive duplicate perks that you have already unlocked

Starting now there will be a limited time 75% Flash Sale, which will last for a short time.



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April 2018 by Dacon

Vote Reward Update

All current voting rewards are unchanged, these are just additional rewards added:

Every vote on any server (except creative) will now also give you 0.03 Cubits (Free $0.15 store credit a day from 5 daily votes) That's $4.50+ a month

If you vote on Survival, Skyblock or Islands you will be given 1 hour of free temporary flight. (Activate with /tempfly or /tf) (Each vote gives 12 minutes, adding up to 60 mins from 5 daily votes)

If ManaCube can get 100,000 votes in May (we got 81,305 in March), we will do an epic Drop Party on all gamemodes, wit


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Survival Season 4 Info & Feature... by Dacon

Reset Information

Release Date: April 21st, 1:00PM EST

Will Reset

  • All worlds
  • Inventories, enderchests and player vaults
  • Stats
  • Currencies
  • Jobs & Quests
  • Slayer title

Won't Reset

  • Reset Vault
  • Perk Treasure Chest Perks
  • Legendary Treasure Chest Perks