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More Parkour Servers
by Dacon, Yesterday, 4 comments

I've opened a second parkour server, seeing as the first one is always full. The second one is an exact duplicate of the first.

Parkour now uses SQL databases to store your information, and sync them across the other servers.

Things that are synced:

  • Inventory
  • Gems
  • Rank
  • Maps
  • Enderchest
  • Hats

This that are not synced:

  • Chat
  • Player Location
  • Checkpoint Saves

Known bugs:

  • Inventory menu's not working properly

As you may know, the items that open menus in your inventory are not really "Items". You cannot throw, or use them in anyway. When switching parkour servers, our database picks those items up as real items, overriding the plugin that we use to make them menus. This bug will hopefully be fixed within 1-2 weeks.

  • Ranks not syncing after ranking up

This is due to our Permission tables not updating every second, otherwise that would lag a lot! At the moment, the database updates every 10 minutes, so if you rank up on one server, you should receive that rank on the second server within 10 minutes. Anything else such as Gems or Inventory instantaneously syncs with the other servers.


Due to the large influx of Spanish speaking players, I will be opening a parkour made in the Spanish language. English speaking users have been getting annoyed about not being able to understand half the chat, and I am sure the Spanish speaking users feel the same way.

I've also added a Radio to the 2nd parkour server to see how smoothly it'll play. If all goes well, it will be added to the other servers as well. ( You can disable the radio in your settings menu ).


  • Why so many Spanish players?

Two popular Spanish youtubers have been recording on Parkourse lately! Links to some of the videos:

Christmas Giveaway!
by Dynsalir, 2 weeks ago, 43 comments

Hey guys! So its the holiday season once again, and along with our annual store sale we're also hosting a giveaway that can net you some xmas swag from steam!

The rules for this competition are incredibly simple - you must submit a picture with a Christmas theme, however this picture MUST be created by yourself

ANY Christmas themed image is allowed. It can be Minecraft (like a build), hand drawn, MS Paint, Photoshop whatever you like! The image can be whatever size as there are no restrictions. Just upload it to imgur and post in this thread.

There shall be 3 winners who will be chosen by myself and some of the MineVast staff! The winners shall receive one of the following Steam wallet codes (or an MV store coupon):

1st place: $50 Steam Code
2nd place: $25 Steam Code
3rd place: $10 Steam Code

The competition shall close on December 26th - Note that server rules still apply - No homophobic or racist content

Please post all competition entries on this thread - If you have any questions feel free to message me in game or on the forums.

Faction Updates
by Dacon, 2 weeks ago, 8 comments

New Faction Commands

Leader/Officer commands:
/f createwarp
/f removewarp
/f announce
/f setjail
/f jail
/f unjail
/f unsetjail
/f ban
/f unban
/f setrules
/f removerules

Faction Member commands:
/f warp
/f listwarps
/f need
/f rules

Other Stuff

 This is what hovering over a players username will now look like.

Faction = The faction they are in
Name = Their real username
Blocks = Their total blocks broken
Gems = Their total gem count
Cash = Their total cash
Power = Their power ( Not factions power, individual power )

  • Faction tag removed from prefix ( Can now be viewed in the tooltip ^ )
  • Type /sell to sell some items
  • New /help and /rules GUI added
  • /local chat may be added - Vote on the poll above
  • Cooldown changed to 4 seconds

Local chat will be a toggleable feature where only players within 200-250 blocks can see your messages. You can return back to global chat by typing /local again

This would be a temporary feature until we release a Faction Chat.

Vote on the poll above
MV back online
Amazing new hard map! Made by: pinkpajamas
New hard course added! Created by: SizzelNizzel
Radio back on the Hub!
The 2nd parkour server is now open with all your data synced! There's also a Radio for beta testing!