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50% Easter Sale | March Top Voters
by Dacon, 4 weeks ago, 2 comments

There will be an Easter sale from April 2nd - April 9th.

Hurry before it ends:

Top Voters of March

RedstoneAsian - 168 Votes - $75 Gift Card
fastball602 - 148 Votes - $50 Gift Card
5bob15 - 133 Votes - $25 Gift Card
Aki_Ji - 133 Votes - $25 Gift Card

Congratulations, please check your /mail on the Hub server for your Gift code.

Double /Vote rewards week is now live

KitPvP 5.0
by Dacon, last month, 19 comments

KitPvP 5.0


Levels on KitPvP have been completely revamped and also reset. They will now be displayed above your head, new rewards and milestone rewards, certain zones where only certain levels can access, and a new information layout when you type /level.

Also, every time you levelup, you will regen all your health


Guilds/Clans has been a highly requested feature for quite a while now. To get started, simply type /g help.
A guild costs $750 to create, and free to invite members. However, when you first create a Guild, it will only be level 1. Level 1 guilds have a limit of 3 members max. You can level up your guild with money, by depositing to your guilds bank. Guilds level through 3-5. Level 5 can hold up to 5 members.

Guild leaders can also toggle friendly fire on/off and enable a guild chat for your fellow members.
To talk in your guild chat, type /gc or /gc .
The leader of the guild can modify settings by typing /guild

New Kits

The Classic KitPvP kits have returned, but modified for the greater good. You can view all the kits @ /warp preview.

The default kits are Fight, Knight, and Archer. You can purchase 3 new kits with Gems in the Gem Shop. The 3 current Gem kits are Juggernaut, Revenge, and Paladin. More gem kits will be added soon.


Everything on the Server has reset. By doing this, your Donator rank was wiped in the process, but DONT WORRY! You can get it back for free, and instantly by claiming it @

If you got your donator rank through something else, such as a contest, please send me a message and I'll restore it asap.

Minecraft 1.8

KitPvP is the first server on MineVast to be fully 1.8. This means you have to use a 1.8 version of MC to join ( 1.8.3 is the recommended version ). Many bugs have also been fixed, including that annoying anvil glitch.

Leaderboards and Website Stats

We currently have a huge website update in the works. This will release a brand new Players page, which will show tonnes of statistics about your account on all the servers. There will also be a global, and per-server leaderboard. This update should be released within 2 weeks. For now, you can view some basic in-game leaderboards by typing /leaderboard.

Big thanks to BrackPvP for helping a tonne with KitPvP 5.0

Can't connect to MV? Flush your DNS How to do it on Windows: How to do it on OSX:
2 weeks ago
Can't connect to the server? Update/flush your DNS
2 weeks ago
MV is experiencing some network difficulties. We should hopefully be back online soon
2 weeks ago
Expect some big updates to the Creative server soon!
3 weeks ago
@Rolyat_Doow I'll buy you one T.. I just need your mailing address ;)
3 weeks ago


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