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What would you like to see next?
by Dacon, 3 hours ago, 8 comments

I've been working on quite a few things simultaneously this past month, and want to put full attention to one of the following to release in the next week. Please vote on the poll on what you would prefer to see come out first! :)
( All of these things will eventually come out within September/October )

Some Updates
by Dacon, Yesterday, 2 comments

New Guild System

I've replaced Parties with a new Guilds system. This is because 1) Parties were breaking useful shortcuts for plugins such as PlotMe and Gems, and 2) Guilds has much more features. Here are a list of the commands:

Members Board:

August Vote Winners

 UnrefinedStyle 164 Votes $75 Coupon
 5bob15 163 Votes $50 Coupon
 YoWhatABoss 155 Votes $25 Coupon
 golddigger221 148 Votes $10 Coupon

Double Rewards Week

Double rewards week is now live. All servers will now give you double the amount of voting rewards you usually get. We had over 23k total votes last month, lets go for that again

New Homepage!
by Jns20, 6 days ago, 10 comments

I hope everyone likes our new homepage.

You can now see our forum announcements on the homepage.
You can also see Dacon, mine, and Dynsalir's 5 most recent Tweets on the homepage.
You can also view recent Updates to the servers and site.
You can also see a list of staff members (currently being updated)

If you find any bugs or glitches please report them to a staff member as soon as possible.

Also, feel free to reply to this thread with any feedback or suggestions.
1.8 Clients can now connect to: SG1-7, Skywars, Factions, and Skyblock. ( We still encourage you to use 1.7x to prevent crashes or bugs )
51 minutes ago
Currently updating the servers to 1.8 - Creative unfortunately won't be updated today however
2 hours ago
Forums homepage is now back up.
We are aware that the community homepage is broken
Double /vote rewards week is now live!!