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1 MILLION! by Dacon

As of today, over 1,000,000 unique accounts have logged into ManaCube!
We're doing a giveaway and huge sale, scroll down to see info


In celebration of 1 million, we are giving away 10 Cubits to 20 people!

To enter the giveaway,

1) Follow us on Twitter:
2) Retweet and reply with your username

The winners will be randomly drawn Saturday, February 24th.



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UPDATES! by Dacon

Medium Challenge World

You can now play Medium courses (and Easy) in the Parkour Challenge World. Hard, Expert & Insane will be added throughout this week.

What is the Challenge World?

All courses in the Challenge world are timed and recorded. You can see your own records for each map, and view global highscores by hovering over it in the Parkour Log.

When you teleport to a map through the Parkour Log, a second menu will open letting you select Normal Mode or Challenge Mode.


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Love Chest & Bundles | Updates |... by Dacon


Love treasure chest has been released on Skyblock, Survival and Islands
The love chest will be here from January 31st - February 28th

This chest is quite good, there's no cosmetics/admin items/collectibles as those are all in the Love Bundles. Which leaves the treasure chest with consumables/valuables

This chest also has Cubits in it, which has never been in a chest before. The legendary prize is Cupid's Bow:
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