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Parkour Trail Update
by Dacon, 2 weeks ago, 3 comments

We've launched a brand new system for trails on Parkour tonight. First off, all the trails are now designed to not get in the way when doing parkour yourself, or to others. There is also over 10 brand new trails added to the list.

Prices have changed, the basic trails cost 200 gems, the more flashy trails cost 275 gems, and the unique trails cost 400 gems.

If you purchased a trail before, and you do not see it in the GUI menu, it will be compensated with another trail, just look around.

Cloud trails are now also available for Legends and up. Legends have access to all the clouds, but Vast and Sponsor can create and customize their very own clouds!

- Your trail will save when you log out
- Type /trails to open up the menu
- Purchase trails in /shop

I'd also like to mention that I'm sorry if your course submission has been in reviewing stage for a while now. I've been busy with school this week, especially with exams, and will get to all of them by Thursday.

Skyblock Update Notes:
by Dacon, 3 weeks ago, 23 comments

 Skyblock Updates

In this thread I'll be posting updates and planned features for Skyblock. Instead of having Skyblock down for a couple days I'll be adding each new feature and update one at a time throughout the course of the week.

Planned Features:
Red Text = Unable to add right now
Green Text = Has been added to Skyblock
Black Text = In the progress of being added
Orange Text = May or may not be added

  • SellAll signs to each shop
  • Replace Auctions with a personalized GUI player shop
  • Fix Spawning Rates
  • Display information when hovering over a username
  • New sidebar with updated information
  • Re-do the Gem Shop
  • Re-do/create new skyblock challenges
  • Release the Prisoner Rescue quest
  • Make a help guide interface
  • Create a different default island layout for VIP users
  • Add Premium, Legend, Vast and Sponsor ranks
  • New Spawn
  • All plugins updated to 1.8, server updated to 1.8
  • Reset the Nether
  • Remove ChestShop ( Replaced with GUI player shops )
  • Add RocketBoots
  • Update VoteParty rewards
  • Add total blocks broken + Block rewards onto tools
  • Release pets for 1.8
  • Duels/PvP Arena

Note: More things may be added to this list very soon

Update Notes ~ 12/15/14 - 01/01/15
by Dacon, 5 weeks ago, 20 comments


  • Portal leakage bug fixed
  • 2nd Parkour server launched + All data now stores in SQL
  • Player Vanish tool added to your hotbar
  • Course Selection added to Course book
  • 5 new courses
  • Disabled teleport safety
  • Fixed issue with ranks not syncing after reboot
  • Completing an Insane/Expert course will now broadcast to the whole server
  • Sound effects have returned for Audio Enabled courses
  • Nametag performance improved drastically. Will also now show your total gems under your name (WIP)


  • Parkour Adventure Maps
  • Possibly a 3rd server?
  • More Radio songs
  • New spawn
  • Not only will we be upgrading our CPU this weekend, Nik is currently re-doing the MVParkour plugin to use a more efficient way of saving your Checkpoint. This will increase the servers TPS by 100%
  • And of course, more courses


  • Couple bugs fixed, including the horse glitch and armor stand glitch.
  • Bunch of new items added to the VIP shop
  • You can now sell ores at the Ore shop
  • Milestone votes reset
  • Resource World will be reset this weekend


  • Duel Stakes


  • VIP Shop released


  • Tonnes of updates coming next week. I will be putting full focus on Skyblock once we successfully transfer to our new dedicated machine. Some things to expect:
    - 4 new ways of earning Gems
    - New set of Skyblock challenges and rewards
    - Challenge/Island GUI
    - New stuff added to the GemShop + GUI re-design
    - Pet bugs fixed
    - Particle trails
    - Default VIP island custom design
    - Fix/Improve parties
    - ....Possibly the Prisoner Rescue quest?


  • Brushes temporarily removed from WorldEdit
  • Cactus disabled
  • You can now ride, wear and re-color your pets
  • Sidebar performance increase


  • Adding new stuff to the Gem Shop
  • Really want to start doing build competitions again


  • Removed fences from Donor Sand arena
  • TAB now shows Ping and vote party totals
  • New sidebar displaying more information


  • Don't worry, KitPvP shouldn't be laggy once we've moved to the new dedi.
  • Return of the Classic Server poll


  • Upcoming prison revamp in the works + Brand new map



  • New CPU, MV will be 3x smoother
  • Framework tweaks/updates
The Classic KitPvP map is back! ( Still being worked on for improvements, but it's back nonetheless )
10 hours ago
Hubs back online > 2x Vote rewards!
16 hours ago
Double rewards week will be live @ 7PM EST. So if you haven't voted today, wait till then
18 hours ago
Voting is now fixed. Sorry about that
20 hours ago
@MadSquidMC @x_angelz_x Wish you all the best with your network! :D
23 hours ago


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