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KitPvP Duel Arenas
by Dacon, 3 days ago, 10 comments

 Duel Arenas

The Kit-PVP Duel arenas were launched a few days ago, as a beta test, and are now fully released.

What are Duel Arenas?

Duel Arenas are a place where all players can go to engage in one-on-one-combat, either for fun or for a prize.
To start Dueling, simply type /duel

The duel arena is a safe pastime. In case of death, there is no penalty, and no items will be lost upon death. This includes not affecting your KDR.

There are currently 3 different arenas, and we plan on adding many more very soon. There is also 3 different types of arenas. These include:

 Basic - Full iron armour, diamond sword, and 1 golden apple

 Meat Slap - No armour, 1 piece of meat

 Donor - Full diamond armour protection 2, diamond sword prot 2, bow prot 2, 2 golden apples ( Donor is currently open for all users )


When you win a Duel against another player, you will be granted 1 duel point, and $2.50
This is subject to change.

Duel points are purely cosmetic at the moment, and are a way to see how experienced other players are. To view someones Duel Points, type /duels points

To view the leaderboard for the most Duel points, type /duels top

Staking will be a new type of arena coming very soon. Staking will cost $10 to enter an arena. The winner will get $20. There will most likely be various prices for these arenas.


Many bugs have been patched within the past few days. If you find any glitches or bugs, please post them on this thread, and you will be given a reward.

- Dacon

Update Notes ( November 19th )
by Dacon, 1 weeks ago, 1 comments


- Race selection removed ( Blades still there )
- New level and group format
- Default now has Class 1 of Human, Elf, and Dwarf.
- You can now purchase all kits and perks through /menu - More perks and kits will be added soon
- Duel Arena menu added ( Going through final stages of testing )
- Added statistics according to each kit in the lore on the Shop ( /menu )
- Over 50 new blocks added to the Block Shop ( Raw wood and glowstone removed )
- Plotz bug fixed involving unable to add other players and /plot info
- Removed sounds from scrolling in hotbar and typing commands
- Added a MineVast sound pack ( Accept resource pack on join ). Note: You can still use your texture packs with this, as it only affects sounds.
- Member+ will be returning this week
- Preparing for the map change

If you have lost your /vault, this is because you havent unlocked a vault yet. You can do this buy buying one for 50 gems in /shop


- Spawn is now 90% complete
- All updates for factions have been organized and planned. This will take about 7-10 days to finish as I have school and other things to focus on.


- Nick names increased to a max of 25 characters ( For rainbow nicks )
- Added /chunk - Type this on your plot if it looks like void
- Many new WorldEdit commands added to the WorldEdit group and VIP
- WorldEdit now uses optimized Async events to prevent lag during large edits.


- SOON: Nether Reset this week
- SOON: VIP Shop this week
- SOON: Monster Spawner mob spawning rate tweaking


  • MineVast hit a total of 280+ people online at once last weekend
  • Parkourse was 100/100 also last weekend for a short time

by Dacon, 3 weeks ago, 3 comments

(If you're viewing this from the homepage, please click title for proper thread formatting)

MineVast Radio is one of my favorite features ever added to Hub. You may notice some custom music made with note blocks that resemble real life songs! Open the Music menu by typing /music or right clicking the jukebox in your inventory. From there you can choose what song you want, disable music, go on shuffle/random mode, or listen to the Minevast radio! More songs will be added soon! There is currently 21 songs.

Donator Gadgets is a revamped version of the old Gadgets. This new version will improve server lag issues, as well as adding new things! There's also more than just fun new gadgets, such as Pets, Mounts, Particle Effects, Rave/Space costumes, Trails, Morphs and more! Check it out by right clicking the gadget chest in your inventory. Become a donator to use these features @


1.8 Blocks are finally here :D. You can now fully use all 1.8 blocks and items (Except for a few such as Armour Stands). Most of the items you can now use are displayed at spawn! If you cannot connect to Creative, that is most likely because you are not on 1.8 - Only 1.8 clients can join now.

Info Board is a sidebar that appears on your screen displaying useful information such as how many gems you have, what plot you are standing on, who you are married to ect. To disable the info board type /hide. To bring it back type /show

Local Chat is a good feature for all those role-players out there! Type /local to enter the local chat. While in local chat, only players within a 250 block radius can hear your messages. Alternatively you can type /local to send a message in local chat, but not actually enable it. Warning: Staff can see local chat no matter where they are.

Player Heads were demanded by almost everyone on Creative! To spawn in a playerhead type /ph spawn .

Server Performance has been greatly improved. WorldEdits will no longer crash the server, and allowing you to now edit up to 350,000 blocks at once instead of the original 25,000. Ghost chunks will now auto de-spawn after a certain amount of time, decreasing the CPU usage of Creative. Additionally, we've cleaned up some of the plugins as well as removing old ones. Hopefully Creative won't be crashing anymore! And if it does, it will now instantly start back up


Statistics and Leaderboards are a way to track you and your friends stats! We are tracking just bout everything from basic variables such as Kills and deaths, to more specific variables such as buckets filled, food eaten, items picked up ect. ect. You can also view the leaderboards for categories such as time played, most kills, most deaths and KD ratio! We will be adding more leaderboard options within the near future. Check it out @

Hompage news feed now automatically displays latest announcements properly.


The Factions server is making good progress. I've finished the core basics of the server, and am about 50% done the new techy stuff. Eluthria is making amazing progress on the new spawn, and I have to say it's one of the most unique factions spawn i've seen! I do not currently have an ETA of release, but I can tell you that it'll be out soon.

The new Map was made my Saxibus, a 6-7 month project! It is about 8k x 8k, and absolutely PACKED with orgasmic terrain, dungeons, shafts, caves, and more! On release there will actually be two worlds. The Main world, where you would create your base, and a resource world that would reset every 2 weeks. The resource world will have a 1.8 world generation. A new post will be coming soon explaining all the new features of Factions. Thank you for waiting so patiently! <3

Here is a little sneak peak of the map

More Updates

View all updates @
I regularly post patch notes and revisions there! If you're interested in all that stuff, that is the place to go to.


If you have any suggestions for new features, or what you would like to see in the new Factions, please, please post them below!

New Duel Arenas!
3 days ago
Hub back online
4 days ago
@Some_48 Spawning withers in the overworld will be disabled, but in the nether they will be allowed.
5 days ago
Duel Arenas on KitPvP have been out for a couple days, and should be 99% bug free! Go check em out by typing /duel in-game
5 days ago
There was a bug where users got $500 or 2 diamonds per vote, this has now been fixed. There will not be a rollback ( Kit-PvP )
5 days ago