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KitPvP - Poll Results
by Dacon, 9 hours ago, 15 comments

The KitPvP poll regarding future updates and a possible result has now gotten over 300 unique results.

The Results:

What map do you prefer?
V3 Map: 74%
Current Map: 26%

Would you like a fresh economy reset?
Yes: 67%
No: 33%

Which level system do you prefer?
New level system: 48%
I'm OK with both: 39%
Current level system: 13%

What kits do you prefer?
Classic Kits: 55%
Current Kits: 45%

What will be happening.

- I will bring back the V3 map probably within a few hours of this post, if not, within the day.
- Me and the staff team will then test out the new level system for any bugs
- We will then be making a new set of kits, based off of the classic kits, but will be improved for longterm. ( They will be less powerful than classic, but a lot better than current. )
- And finally, we will adjust the economy with a full reset according to the kits contents.

The last the three dashes will all be released at the same time. I don't have an ETA yet for this, but it should be before March 15th.

Edit: We may also introduce clans

by Dacon, 5 days ago, 4 comments

The month has now finished and the top 4 voters have been rewarded.
Our four winners are:

FrodoBagenns - 148 votes - $75 Voucher

RedstoneAsian - 145 votes - $50 Voucher

IciclePalace - 143 votes - $25 Voucher

Tracker0 - 135 votes - $25 Voucher

Congratulations to the winners, your voucher codes have been sent to you on the Hub server. Type /mail read

Accidentally changed your name? [Click here]
by Dacon, 4 weeks ago, 171 comments

Note: When you ask for your data restored, I don't restore it on your new name, I simply just change your username back to your old one and restore your rank.

Hello, if you're one of the many people who have accidentally changed their username, you can post here to recover your lost data. I will manually replace your username with your UUID, meaning that you would have your old username again on MineVast, but your data would be restored. We should hopefully have all UUIDs converted to Mojang's UUIDs within a month.

Note: In order for me to restore your data, you must have joined MineVast with your old username on November 3rd or later.

Please fill out this and post below:

Original Username:

New Username:

Add me on Skype if you are missing your Donator rank. ( live:minevast )

Please give me up to 12 hours to restore your data.
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