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    Anything else: I have been regularly playing on this server for about the past month now, around an hour a day. Today, I decided to get my brother on, (Deuteronomy6_5) so that he could check out the server for himself.
    After playing for a bit, said "Philippians4_13, you're a mod, right?" as a joke--he obviously knows I'm not he's sitting right next to me in person.... so I say "Yes, I am." It was a joke meant to be kept simply between me and him but little did I know that Glowstonelover22 had been eyeballing our conversation. He then accused me of impersonating staff, of which led to a 10 day ban.
    Following the incident, I got on another account of which I just so happen have and use from time to time as an "alternative account", and began to explain to Glowstonelover22 who I was and what was going on. Before I had a chance to get into details I was immediately perm banned on that account.
    Then, I was down to my third and final resort. I then got on as my third and final account, and, quite literally upon entry, as I was just "cutting to the chase" was perm banned. I asked The mods where I could go to appeal, and they said no where, they never want to see or hear of me again. Luckily for me, I was able to find the site (of which I had saved in my bookmarks) and made my way to ban appeal.
    That is where I got this format, but found there was no section for reply. From there... I knew your name from one of our previous mini conversations, and ender up here. All I am asking for is a second chance, to let me at least have a chance not to "joke around" with my brother. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. -Philippians4_13
    Did you deserve to be banned: I do not feel that I should have been banned without clear warning.

    If yes to above, are you sorry for what you did: I am sorry for what I did, of course. I love this server. Enough that I spent $5 for the better towards the betterment of server. The last thing I would try and do is cause trouble or confusion.
    Your Minecraft username: Philippians4_13

    What server were you banned on: SkyBlock

    When were you banned: 7-18-14

    Who banned you: Glowstonelover22/Purple4Me

    Why were you banned: "Disrespecting/Impersonating Staff
    I'm asking for help, but its ok if you can't. I tried using the gift card from June voting to buy Legend. It looked like it worked but I didn’t get email confirmation or the rank. No big deal, except now I can’t use the code again. I tried, this time for VAST. Thought it might work since the first time didn’t go through. But it says I can't use it. If I blew it, that's fine. If you can help, I'd appreciate it.
    u got some serius probs there purps XD
    coupons can only be redeemed one time unfortunately. I'll give you a coupon with the remaining amount :)
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