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Feb 12, 2019
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What server are you applying for


First Name

Country or Timezone
GMT+1 (Europe) ~ Country: The Netherlands .

I am currently 15.

Discord username


Why do you want to become staff?
‎ ‏‏I think i can assist the server, by banning hackers, moderating chat, helping people in discord and anything else. I am asked to help out with anything else I am asked to do. I Have had a really great time on the server and have had a lot of memories of different thing from and I hope to make more at ManaCube. The server has really been the only thing stopping me from being inactive from Minecraft and I would like to be active on the server. I like the server and I have put a lot of effort into it so I hope you will consider my application. Some reasons I would like to become staff are: Being a remodel to other players and staff members I love giving players an example, A person to look up to. I want to be a person that logs on the server and people are happy to see me on, that is my goal, to make players feel happy and love this server. Helping players gives me joy, I love making there day and overall just to say "I helped someone today" because most people can't say that. I'm not the kind of person to be disrespectful in any way to anyone. I take pride in what I do and I love every second of it. My goal in staffing is to inspire someone, I want to be the person who inspired you to apply for staff, I want to bring joy to every single person on this server, and maybe one day I can be the person who inspired you to do something. I want to inspire someone to come online and make a staff app and ask me for help so I can do so. Being staff motivates me to be more kind and responsible, respectful to players. I think any staff member could say the same thing. Being staff motivates you to do things you couldn't even imagine possible, something that you dreamed of. I want to motivate players to do things that they wouldn't think they would do. If I were to get accepted I would try my hardest to make this server better than it already is, This server has a lot of potentials, I see this server growing and growing and it's really amazing, to be honest. By 'Making the server better' I would get rid of all the cheaters I find, help players in game or Discord. The server is already amazing and I'm hoping to make it a bit better. I Like the server, And i Support it.

How long have you played on ManaCube?
Since 2018, But i have quit for a while on Manacube cause i had school things.
How many hours a week can you dedicate to Manacube?
Mondays: 6-7 hours Tuesday: 6-7 hours Wednesday: 7 hours Thursday: 6-7 hours -= - Weekends -=- Friday: 7-8 hours Saturday: 7-8 hours Sunday: 7-8 hours

What skills do you feel you have that will help the server?

I think this is the most important thing that is needed in staffing. If you are applying for a real life job or a server I think that the person trying to achieve the position you should know at least the basics such as if someone is cheating or is breaking a rule you should punish them accordingly. I also have read the rules along with discord rules. Also, I have experience of knowing some of the Moderation commands.

Being Nice

Being nice is really needed when being staff on a big server, Faithful is a big server and that a random player sees a staff cussing or doing something that is breaking the rules it looks bad on the community and the staff team. I believe I am fairly nice towards other in-game and discord. I am working on this trait due to knowing I can improve this even more.


I think that if you are honest and want to help others that you should be really honest towards the community. I have told lies before but that hasn't helped me in life. When staffing and assisting others you should be honest to the person you are helping or just be honest in general.


I am really active when it is towards discord as I have it on my phone so I could be active when someone needs help or someone needs to get a hold of me.

✥⁑✥Sense of Humour✥⁑✥

In terms of becoming a moderator I don't want to be the kind of person who doesn't like to have humor or taking everything so seriously, I mean I would take everything seriously but when it comes to jokes and all I would like to joke around as well, I like to have a sense of humor because I feel like if I didn't then people would think that I would be a boring person who just likes to take everything seriously, I don't want to be like that I want to bring joy to Universemc, I want to be able to have fun while still doing my job.

✥⁑✥Fast Typer✥⁑✥

I am indeed a decently fast typer, I can type fast without making mistakes majority of the time but I can make mistakes sometimes, well I mean everyone can make a mistake when typing, the advantages of being a fast typer means that I will be able to help more people during my time, it also means that I will be able to get the job done faster and much more efficient as I will be able to get more stuff done.


I may only be 15 years of age but I am definitely mature, I take all situations and problems very seriously and wisely and sensibly, I am a fast worker to include on being mature meaning can get more of the job/task done, I can have a laugh and take a joke but see when it comes to doing work I'm all heads down focusing on the one task to get it complete. I'm also sensible with my actions I am full of control with my behavior and am completely sensible enough to not get too crazy or hyper

What experiences have you had which could help you as staff?
RaptorHCF - Senior Administrator] RaptorHCF was an old server, this was a server that was created around a couple months ago, from what I remember I worked my way up from Trial-Moderator to Senior Administrator for my Maturity. Sadly this server shutdown because they were low on funds, But the server ran great for a couple of months!
[ZapHCF - Moderator] ZapHCF was an Semi-old server they were kinda of a fast paced hcf not to OP but not to hardcore I was given Trial Moderator when I was accepted after a couple maps I worked up to being promoted to Moderator but the server, ZapHCF didn't have many developers which led to them shutting down because there was so many bugs.
[NightMareHCF] - Trial-Moderator NightMareHCF was an HCF server it had HCF when i got accepted that day as Trial-Mod the discord server hes been deleted And Server hes been shutted down. It had around 30 players And since then i have resign from the server.
[LegacyMC] - Owner i was Owner on LegacyMC because my friend gave me Owner And he is still working for that server but i am not busy with that server currently. Its KitPvp/Factions & Skyblock server. I was helping him with building Maps, Plugins And getting Staff for him. Since then i have resign from the server.
[Hyrane] - Helper Hyrane was a skyblock server with over then 100+ players i got accepted by the Manager And my job was to chat-moderate it were good times since then i have resign from the server And the server shutted down. The reason why i resigned is cause i don’t like SkyBlock that Much so i have quit with Skyblock for now.
[TazeHQ] - Trial-Moderator TazeHQ was one of best HCF servers for me it was one of the best times out my life when i got accepted there on it had, always on SOTW 150+ people. It was Super funny, Famous YouTubers joined to like, ObbyRaidzz, kpls, HateFoo, Refilming, audimatic, Fancy. And Manny more other i can’t remember all of them. But since then i the server shutted down, And since that i have resign from TazeHQ.
ExemPvP - Trial-Mod] ExemPvP is a good hcf server still hitting good players everyday, I was staff on this server twice, I was first accepted around December 2018 I was staff for a decent amount but school came so, I had to resign so I could focus on school etc once, I got that all together, I reapplied and I got accepted and 2-3 after, I got demoted for calling the Manager something very mean it was nothing, I did as a staff member
OPCraft - Helper] OPCraft is a really good Factions server with skyblock. I really enjoyed the server for a while so i decided to apply for Staff First time i failed, But the second time i got Accepted it was a dream that came true for me, I was very respectful i was helping people on Teamspeak, And also on the discord server, my job was to chat-moderate, if i found Any hackers i had to record evidence/proof. But u always need evidence/proof if Someone is cheating or doing something against the rules so i would make Sure i would record proof, if i would punish Someone i would make Sure i have evidence, i have resigned from OPCraft cause i didn’t really enjoy it anymore. And since then i have resigned from the server.
I was also staff on a lot of other small hcf and minigame servers. However, these servers did not have as many players on and I didn't really gain any experience from staff on these servers so there not really worth mentioning in greater detail.

What three attributes distinguish yourself from other players that qualify you to be a helper?
I can be a really good Helper I am very kind. Also I know how Helper works and what my job is I am experienced in being a Staff-Member. And I would like to take part of being a Staff-member on ManaCube. And, I take great pleasure in helping people who are in need or whol have questions. I am very unbiased and I like to be friendly to everyone. I have decent experience in minecraft from both the perspective of a player and of an helper/moderator. I would love to help this server grow and to become as large and prosperous as possible. I think that this would be a great learning opportunity for me as I am always trying to obtain more experience and knowledge both in minecraft and with the interaction of my fellow players. I am also very active with being able to play everyday anywhere from 4 to 5 hours depending on the day. These rates may fluctuate but will never drop below approximately 2 hour per day. (Weekend minimums at 4 hours with the exception of being away from home with an event such as a trip, if this were to happen I would inform you) I also consider myself to be an intelligent individual with good grades in High School. I absolutely love to learn new things and I plan to go to 6th form (A levels) to study game development. I try to be very humble and if I am proven wrong I will take it as an opportunity to learn from my mistakes rather than get defensive and hostile.

Please explain what you believe the role of a staff member is.

The owner(s) are in charge of everything and are involved with everything that happens on the server Developing and Staff wise. The Owner(s) is like a boss of the server like a leader, He is the creator of the server.

This is like a Co-Owner this role helps people with people their rank and other things.

You are in charge of all the staff! You help other staff members by making sure they understand what all they are supposed to do. Admins will most of the time be on a management team. Admins

Help out and answer questions that other members will have to Look out for, cheater reports and make sure to have valid proof! Remove all rude and racist structures and report them.
Kick, temp ban and permaban players when needed.

This role helps people when people needs help the can ask a Helper. Helpers are always into help people the are kind and friendly.

Are you able to use recording software?
Yes, I can use OBS-Studio & Action [60 FPS].

Anything else we should know?
Hi my name is Dirk. I love playing video games and sports. I have recently got into staffing and really want to help and expand Manacube’s community by becoming staff on ManaCube. Other things I love doing are jet skiing and boating I also like hanging out with friends and family.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone for taking the time out of there day to read my application! Constructive comments are always appreciated so I can improve my application! :D:) (Sorry for Grammar)

You are aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic rejection of this application

  • You must be at least 13 years old ✅
  • The required amount of time in-game is 50 Hours total (we can tell when a user was AFK). ✅
  • Never been permanently banned or muted on the network ✅
  • You must have Discord and be actively involved in the Manacube Community Discord server. ✅
  • Have at least 20 forum posts ✅
  • You must have a Google Account ✅
  • Application must be at least 500 words (700 if you include application questions)
  • You must have an excellent understanding of the rules and punishment guidelines found here


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