Pipicz06 - Staff Application

Feb 1, 2019
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What server are you applying for


First Name

Country or Timezone
United States Of America


Discord username
spaghetti man#6812


Why do you want to become staff?
I want to become staff because I never see staff online I see admins on maybe once a weak but it is always the same one. Other staff however are on other game modes and will only come on skyblock if a player is reported or chat is not behaving, The staff leave right after they fix the problem and go back to what they were doing. Since no staff are ever on people on skyblock take advantage from it and break rules such as spamming, Constant cursing, scamming people, auto clicking for mining ores, and such more. Time's like these a staff is never on. For example people in chat like to post there social media. Since I am always on most of the day the rate of spam, and advertisements will be reduced. I wanna become a staff because they inspire me to do alot more in my life and makes me want to help people to my full advantage. I also like how staff talk to the new players by giving advice, and helping them understand the server.

How long have you played on ManaCube?
I have played on the server for 331 hours.

How many hours a week can you dedicate to Manacube?
The number of hours I can play matters on what day it is. I can play 3-9 hours Monday - Friday Saturday and Sunday I can play for a max of 5 hours.

What skills do you feel you have that will help the server?
I am very friendly to people such as new players and like to welcome them and give them some stuff. Of course I cant give all new players stuff otherwise I will not have stuff myself but I do try to get to all that I can. I also have a very high patience level. Im very good with players players that cant understand/English and i try really hard for them to understand what I am saying so I can help them as much as I can. For example by helping them understand what mana is used for. I also

What experiences have you had which could help you as staff?
While my mother had cancer I did my best by washing the dishes, cleaning the house, make her food, and walking the dog. I also had experience at my sisters job by helping her hand out the food, cleaning up the tables, handling the cash register, getting peoples orders, giving receipts, and handing out drinks such as coca cola, pepsi, and water.

What three attributes distinguish yourself from other players that qualify you to be a helper?
Im always active on the server other than when I am in school or Im at my dads. Im not always afk and I reply to all the people who need help or have a question. I will always be on unless im eating, or Im busy. I also have been playing on the server for some time and will be able to answer most questions that I am asked. I am very caring when it comes to the community and the people within it. I like to be friendly to people because I love new friends and I love to help people. Some people come to me sometimes because I have around twenty million or they come to me because they think as me as a friend, But ethier way I help them because I want them to see me for my personality and not my money. I am very good at talking to people and meeting new players I talk to ranked and non ranked players because there not all that different if you think about it and not everyone has the money to buy a rank that cost $30 at most.

Please explain what you believe the role of a staff member is.
A helping had to any player at anytime, and also respectful to everyone. A staff member should always be positive to everyone that is in the server even if that person is disrespectful to him/her. A staff member should also support others and help the ones that dont understand the commands or how skyblock works.

Are you able to use recording software?
Yes I use StreamLabs as my recording software as well as if I were to stream

You are aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic rejection of this application


Nov 21, 2018
Hi there, Colin!

First off, thanks for applying to Manacube, it really is important that we thank people for applying. Second off, I'm not going to rate this just yet but I am going to point out a few minor flaws with your application.

First off, you need to work on your grammar. There is a difference in the way things are spelled, and commas or periods or apostrophes make a big difference in sentence construction.

Weak is to be less than strong, to be vulnerable or oblivious. Week is a duration of time, the proper word for 7 days.

Next, I don't think staff are particularly inactive! Skyblock has a few wonderful mods like _3G_, Hydr0KT and Slime_Lord101, and ChocBar and SunsetMagic are wonderful admin's that are usually very frequently active.

Thirdly, I think you're probably going to seem inactive with only 9 hours maximum a day and 5 hours maximum on weekends. Maybe it's just me and how I don't seem to have a life, and I spend most of it online, but I think its a bit inactive in my opinion.

You also seem to flip between sides on staff - You call them inactive or say they do not pay enough attention to one server and then say that they inspire you to help players best you can, which its wonderful that they inspire you, but speaking negatively of the existing staff team won't get you far, I promise that.

Another thing is that staff is not always for helping players - They are also there to punish misbehaving players. While your experiences are very touching, helping is not always the only thing you'll need - Experiences involving confronting someone about their behavior or reporting wrongdoers/taking action towards them is also a boost.

And also, you repeat yourself quite frequently, especially in the three attributes - Helpfulness and activity aren't necessarily attributes that distinguish you from others, but requirements to being a staff member. Try to come up with more creative attributes that you believe you have.

Overall, I am again not going to rate this application personally (Or at least not yet), but work on it, my guy. You have real potential! (Now I'm going to die because I literally wrote five paragraphs on my phone.)