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    The different game-modes on Manacube reset occasionally, and when they do you end up losing everything (rank included). If you want to reclaim your rank on all game-modes, go here: . The website should tell you whether or not you can reclaim the rank...
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    Bug or...?

    There's nothing going on, it's just a weird glitch that happens sometimes with Kingdoms. It's been happening to people for a while but I don't actually think there's a way to fix it. I'm just kind of assuming there isn't a solution at least, people have been reporting it for a while and...
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    If you're talking about hours on all game modes but creative, then the hours you had should still count because those servers support name changing. I don't think creative supports name changing though, so if you're talking about hours on that game mode then you may have lost them. I saw that...
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    Skyblock Competition Idea

    Skyblock seasons are typically only 6 to 7 months long in the first place, which is why I suggested that the winners are announced every 1 to 2 weeks. If winners were announced every month, for example, that only creates 6 or 7 chances for people to win the /is top competition. That isn't very...
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    Skyblock Competition Idea

    I think that for Skyblock season 7, there should be a new competition for top islands. Every 1 - 2 weeks, people on the top three islands could get a prize of 5, 10, or 15 cubits (alternate prizes for top islands could be PayPal money or store credit or something). There would be a limit to how...
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    I was banned, please unban me. I'm sorry.

    Hi HyesBl1de! There is a place on the forums where you can appeal your ban. Just make sure to read the format/guide thread before clicking "Post New Thread". This is the link to the ban/mute appeal page: -Ellieza :D Edit: I feel like I'm going...
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    Skywars Status

    I don't know if this is exactly true or not, but I'm pretty sure it got removed because it was dead. I know a lot of people were expecting updates for it, but those updates never happened and people stopped playing. There was even a server crash at some point. I heard from a staff member that it...
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    Whats the easiest way to get money?

    One of the easiest ways to get money is to warp to a grinder and sell any loot you get. Do /warps in-game to see a list of warps people have set, you'll find many grinder warps that you can use. Also, you can set up farms and sell whatever you get from those, or buy spawners if you have enough...
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    vote keys being stolen in skyblock.

    1. You can't really stop me from replying to your posts/comments on the forums, especially since I'm not the one being hostile or mean towards other people. And why would I actually try to contact you? You're homophobic and an ass to other people. 2. If you don't want people reporting you for...
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    vote keys being stolen in skyblock.

    Vote keys on Skyblock are glitched, and there's nothing the staff team can do about it. Trust me, if they could fix this, they would. The staff team doesn't like that it happens either. The only thing I can tell you is when you're using your vote keys, don't use them quickly. Wait like, 10 or 15...
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    Donor Rank?

    It shows up on the forums now, you have the VIP+ tag underneath your username. The hubs have always been glitchy, sometimes your rank does show up in the hubs and other times it doesn't. Other people can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm not entirely sure its a problem that can be fixed based on...
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    Why is General Discussion being spammed with Advertisments?

    It is annoying, but I know that staff do go through and remove the advertisements when they have a chance to do so. Also, I saw someone talking about this a while ago, but I guess with the way that the website is setup, there isn't a way to permanently/completely stop people/bots from making...
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    LMAO didn't staff say that this season too? Yeah, you can try ;)
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    These new updates are awesome! The only thing I'm concerned about is the price of selling cactus in the donor shop, as the new sell price in regular shop will now be higher than the one in the donor shop. Will donor shop prices be adjusted? Also, will sell wands get added to the list of white...
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    Lost Items After 11/28 Maintenance

    A lot of people lost stuff that day. Some of them have told staff but I think the most that regular staff can do right now is report to higher staff and hope that the issue gets resolved quickly. I know that Dacon was on the day of maintenance helping people retrieve lost stuff, so I know it's...
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    QA Team + Promos/Demotions

    @horsebossmaster You need to be trustworthy and have to be able to give good feedback/criticism to be on QA Team
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    QA Team + Promos/Demotions

    GG SunsetMagic and Shron!
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    Ban Person Above! || Forum Game || 22000+ Views -- 1600+ Replies ||

    Banned because you have too many numbers in your username
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    Ghasts really aren't that hard to find though. All you have to do is find a medium sized area of the nether big enough to spawn a ghast, like near a fortress, and travel around in that area only looking for ghasts. Maybe go back and forth in a specific path or something. You aren't going to get...