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    Creative Plot (Grade) Rules/Tips

    They would be graded
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    Who will be the last post :ooo

  3. tumms

    Who will be the last post :ooo

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    rubarb will always be the biggest gamer

    rubarb will always be the biggest gamer
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    Closed Buying /unban and /unmute

    This isn't an area for suggestions. Feel free to post it here:
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    >: (

    >: (
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    no albert

    no albert
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    Make plots bigger?

    Yea, but they are saying that it would be easier to have it for everyone without having to vote. Which is understandable because it can be frustrating for new players.
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    :^ )

    :^ )
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    MOD Abusing is An Isuue

    But the thing is, you've been warned numerous times not to tell people to do that :/
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    You never know :)
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    Add in prison to the server?

    We aren't really a minigame server
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    Ongoing Weekly Build Contest

    it's usually Friday or Saturday
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    Come to Club LOL

    Legs on larva
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    Ok gamer
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    Issues with AlfieBird

    Locking the thread as there is no point in keeping it open for arguments.
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    Issues with AlfieBird

    I suggest making a player report ( ). Make sure to follow the proper format. Also try to include more context in the proof.
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    Can I get my title back after changing my MC name?

    With Creative, things currently don't transfer when they change their username. So we have to give everything back to them, things like plots, grades, and titles.