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Nov 19, 2018
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Recently I’ve been having some issues with my brightness on Minecraft, but I’ve found multiple solutions that have definitely helped me out, and increased my experience in-game. I know that in some servers, there are commands like /nv for donors which gives permanent night-vision, however I also understand that not everyone is able to or is willing to purchase a rank on a server, so I’d like to share two of the options that I personally use and have used as I know brightness can be an issue for some people too.

If you’re aware of any more solutions to help out and increase brightness, then feel free to comment them below! These are just 2 results that worked for me.

Full-bright’ Resource Pack
For a few months now, I’ve been using a resource/texture pack called ‘Full-Bright’ which essentially gives me a permanent night-vision effect without having to execute any commands, besides enabling it in the “Resource Pack” folder in settings ( Despite it saying that the recommended version is 1.8, I play on 1.12.2 and it works completely fine.

Another thing I like about this texture pack, is you can still overlay other packs and it still works. Personally, I use the “Sphax/PureBD Craft” resource as I really like how it changes the text and the blocks/items designs. To get the Full-Bright pack, click here. If you’re unsure how to download and apply resource packs onto your game, then follow the instructions below.

1) Open ‘Files’
2) Search %appdata%
3) Click your .minecraft folder
4) Open the file named ‘resourcepacks’
5) Click and drag the texture pack you downloaded into this folder
6) Open Minecraft, click your settings, and click “Resource Packs...”
7) Click the arrow to move the pack into ‘Selected Resource Packs'

1) Click the search icon at the top of your screen
2) Search ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/
3) Open the file named ‘resourcepacks’
4) Click and drag the texture pack you downloaded into this folder
5) Open Minecraft, click your settings, and click “Resource Packs...”
6) Click the arrow to move the pack into ‘Selected Resource Packs'

Changing your Gamma Settings
Similarly to the first suggestion, you’ll need to go into your .minecraft folder for this, so just follow the above file directory paths (for Windows follow step 1-3, and for Mac follow step 1 and 2). Once you’re in your .minecraft folder, click the file titled “options.txt” and it’ll open up a text document, when this document opens up, look for where it says “Gamma” and change it from 1.0 to 10.0 ( once you’ve done this, save your changes. I’ll also link a video that I used to help me out when doing this (click here to be directed to the video).

If you have any further questions regarding these suggestions, feel free to DM me either here on the forums or on discord. I have no problems at all explaining in more detail, I just wanted to create a thread for this as this is something I’ve personally had issues with a lot, especially when starting out on Minecraft all those years ago. Mods used to enhance your experience (as long as they don’t grant unfair advantages such as hacks) are allowed, if you’re unsure if a mod is allowed on the server, don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff - better to be safe, than sorry.
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Dec 5, 2015
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Hoi Hallow,
Thanks for making this awesome guide, I appreciate it a lot!

About the resource pack you mentioned, I’ve seen it in gameplays but never got to test it, so from my point of view I would definitely recommend it, it’s super beneficial and it’s free!

[If you would like to see some videos before actually downloading the texture pack or changing gamma, here ya go:
(An additional tutorial to change the gamma, found here)]

¡Hope you have a good day and again, thanks for making this guide!