1. Shorokun

    Factions suggestion

    I think adding a strength 2 and speed 2 custom enchants for armour would be a good idea as buying potions every fight is annoying (could make the enchants rare if you want)
  2. Sjomtit

    Dedicated factions admin

    Hi everyone! I, Thom, have been playing the factions gamemode for several years now and have gotten a wide range of knowledge about this gamemode from a lot of different servers. I have enjoyed the time on manacube here a lot, is has a casual and relaxed environment which is great for beginning...
  3. Dacon

    Factions Beta Patch Notes

    Factions Beta Patch Notes These are the changes that have been made during the 1 week staff beta for Factions Season 3 See original announcement post here: https://manacube.com/threads/factions-season-3.52529/ Countdown to release date: https://itsalmo.st/factions-season-3-qhh2 Changes/Updates...
  4. Dacon

    Factions Season 3

    Our biggest factions update yet! Over 20 new commands & features & a bunch of bug fixes Big thanks to @xEricL for organizing the feedback from the community for this season Release Date: February 29th @ 1:00PM EST Countdown: https://itsalmo.st/factions-season-3-qhh2 | GENERAL INFO:mc_340-0...

    staff inactivity

    we have recently been insided and we’ve asked for help in discrd, and in game, we’ve done tokens and reports and only someone came in and I think that he was a helper, but he said lemme call someone that has more power and perms and no one else was ever seen

    faction base tips

    can someone tell me what are the best dimensions for a factions base? and any extta tips?
  7. FatalMac

    Best Methods For XP?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently playing factions and putting in countless hours but it feels as if my XP grinds just aren't worth it, I currently use a simple old school mob grinder with zombies and skeletons. I have heard from the community on Discord, and also through the in game chat, that Blazes...
  8. FatalMac

    Accepted My YouTuber Application

    ------------------------------------------ About Me : So I know this isn't actually required to do on this application but I thought it would be nice to do and hopefully helpful in the final decision of my application. I am a 19 year old content creator on YouTube (About to turn 20 on February...
  9. SoSavage


    To the Staff of Manacube, I believe I speak for the entire factions community when I say that /fps should be added to factions. This command/plugin is common on lots of factions servers. It allows the player to disable rendering ignited tnt, falling sand, extending and retracting pistons, and...
  10. tydras

    the staff on this server are pathetic

    while theres literal guys with kill aura on in warzone our trust staff here on manacube would rather worry about chat and its meanness and spam! lol literally biased bullshit i said BEEP so i get muted for "HATE SPEECH" while this BigNath can say BEEPslayer all he wants with no repercussions...
  11. KayeKat

    Ability to view quest progress

    You can currently view your quest progress by hovering over the quest icon in the GUI: I think it'd be nice if you could view your quest progress without having to go directly to the GUI, perhaps shown as a bossbar or added to the featherboard, or on top of the HUD (just to name a few...
  12. Dacon

    Factions - Season 2

    FACTIONS SEASON 2 - RELEASES SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1ST AT 1:00PM EST | CHANGES / BUG FIXES :mc_404-0: TNT you set off in your own claim no longer damages blocks inside it Genbuckets can no longer be used when enemies are nearby Creepers spawned by eggs will no longer stack with spawner creepers...
  13. Openci01

    Make factions great again

    Koth every 2 hours/more often? Better Loot in Envoys? Actually Add the energy shop? Add the special kits? Add more online store?
  14. Kokoriky

    Ban appeal (factions)

    Your Username: Kokoriky Date and Server: Factions- 6/10/2019 Why you were punished Multiraiding Have you been banned on Manacube before? No -------------------------------------------------- Why should you be unbanned or unmuted?: The raid hadn’t started (cannon wasn’t fired). I don’t think...
  15. FlameTactic


    Does anybody agree with me that ancient and legendary keys are too hard to get in Factions and it can kind of become pay to win.
  16. UberBatGirl

    Sheep Head?

    Hey everyone I was wondering if sheep heads drop in the factions server. My friend and I are trying to get one. Yes we are trying to get a sheep head. It's for a collection. So if anyone could tell me if one drops, that would be very helpful. And if anyone can offer a sheep head i am willing...
  17. Qubs

    /Gary on different servers

    I've got a big one. So /Gary, at least for me is kinda linked on different servers. What I mean by that is when I get my rewards on one server I can't claim it on others because they are already claimed, even on servers I never played on. From what I figured out the connected servers are...
  18. ChainedNightmare

    Water does not protect blocks?

    So I was told in discord by Zedakiah who was told by ⌥ßꙘรђŦยɭŵ๏ɭŦ22⎇ or bashfullwolf22 who was told by Josh... that Water does not protect blocks. Is this true? If so... that is a 0 IQ Move right there. What I was told word for word was "But this server has apparently made water not protect...
  19. ChainedNightmare

    Faction Recruitment "Circle of 3"

    Responsibilities and Gaining Promotions and Trust: Work for the greater good of the faction. Do not be selfish everything needs to be done for the collective faction, not for individual gains. We will supply you with everything you need as the time is right. Check/Patch Walls. Look for cannons...
  20. Eipril

    SS Faction Recruitment

    With the release of factions just a day away, it's time to get situated and plan! But for us to push farther along, and last in the season, we need members. A lot of them. Requirements to join: 1.) VIP and beyond on at least one account. 2.) Experience on other faction servers. 3.)...