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  1. BlackPTNL

    Zulrah monthly Rewards

    Ok so i have been thinking for a while about Zulrah Monthly i have thought what happens if you win 2 or more times in a row what will your reward be so I talked to an admin and that admin told me to make suggestions so here I am (also mad in the feature-votes website but that takes to long just...
  2. BlackPTNL


    Who is your guys' valentine gonna be, Valentine is in a few weeks and do you guys already have someone in mind. -Black
  3. BlackPTNL

    Elite key

    What do you guys think about the elite key? I like it but I would like them to add more perks if possible but I enjoy the Titles, Hats and the /join messages. Is it Op? I don't think so, you can get a mystery spawner but it's uncommon so I don't think we will see them drop every day. Overall...
  4. BlackPTNL

    Happy Xmas for everybody

    I hope yall have a great xmas :). Tell me what was your fav present :D.
  5. BlackPTNL


    Have a happy halloween everybody !
  6. BlackPTNL

    Hey i am Edison

    Hi peeps i am Edison ign is BlackPTNL most of the people in Prison Aether know me if you guys want to talk to me or just chat with me i am most of the times on Manacube Olympus Aether Channel . See yall there !! <3
  7. BlackPTNL

    Not alot of Mods in EU timezone

    In my opinion there arent alot of Olympus mods avalible on EU timezone and if they are they arent part of AETHER/ATLAS so not prison mods . Thats why i am trying to apply for Mod .
  8. BlackPTNL

    Dead pvp zone

    In my opinion pvp zone in olympus is kinda dead because the reward is low. It would be cool if they added a bigger reward for the volcano / pvp mine because you sacrifice good gear for low reward .
  9. BlackPTNL

    God sword

    it doesnt show all the enchants is it broke ?