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  • JUL. 4 -- Happy Alice in Wonderland Day! Also on this day in 1776 the Declaration of Independence was officially adopted in the US. Marie Curie and Thomas Jefferson died today, in 1934 and 1826 respectively.
    I won't be on for at least the next week. My PC died suddenly at the age of 9 years; it's in the shop right now and I should get the verdict on Tuesday.
    MAR. 5 ---

    Today is the Mardi Gras! Today in 1981 the British ZX81 Computer was launched, selling 1.5 million copies. Joseph Stalin died today.
    MAR. 4 ---

    Today is National Poundcake Day and National Grammar Day. Today in 1980, Robert Mugabe became Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)'s first black Prime Minister. Antonio Vivaldi was born today.
    MAR. 2 ---

    Today is International Cat Rescue Day and National Banana Cream Pie Day. Today in 1970, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) declared itself a republic independent of the UK. In doing so, Prime Minister and dictator Ian Smith attempted to erase the black majority vote rule (meaning that with a black majority a black Prime Minister could be elected). Dr. Seuss was born today.
    Zimbabwe used to be part of the UK what...
    Back in the 20th century all the southern African countries were British colonies, most of which were apartheid regimes. Zimbabwe was the name given to Rhodesia after they defeated Smith and became an independent black country.
    FEB. 28 ---

    Today is National Science Day and National Tooth Fairy Day. On this day in 1935 nylon was invented. Bernadette Peters was born today.
    FEB. 27 ---

    Today is International Polar Bear Day and National Strawberry Day. On this day in 1932 James Chadwick discovered the neutron. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born today.
    FEB. 26 ---

    Today is Carnival Day and National Pistachio Day. On this day in 1917 the first jazz record was released. Johnny Cash was born today.
    FEB. 25 ---

    Today is National Clam Chowder and National Chocolate-Covered Peanuts Day. Congratulations. On this day in history, in 1964, Muhammad Ali became the world heavyweight champion. George Harrison was born today.
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